Sunday, December 12, 2010 | By: sannie

can't wait!

i will be back in like 3 days time people!!!

ahhhhh!!! thinking bout it make me want to study fast fast and finish it off!
then go to sleep so a new day will start faster!

i want to eat cendol, jawa mee, "chai thau koey", the list will never finish!
i want to go red box and sing!!!
lets go babessss!!!
thinking bout it make me so excited.
i can go pasar malam and drink honeydew bubble milk tea....
buy ice cream potong durian/cempedak flavour...
life is such a bliss.
Saturday, December 11, 2010 | By: sannie

chicken little!

i think by seeing the title itself,
ya'll will know what i am going to blog about.
*for those who knows me damn well*

alright it's about my little cousin.
all of us (me , sister and brother ) decided to call him chicken little because he looks like one when he's younger and smaller.
his face is so small and he will jump around like a chicken little.
last week when i went back home ..he came to my house.
=D hahaha i love playing with my little cousins!
especially when they have that baby cheeks. *cubit*

when he was in melaka i think.

okielar i just somehow want to talk bout him.
back to me!

my mother's brother's father-in-law somehow can be possessed by "angkong" during that "angkong" birthday.
so that day since i went back home, the next day we went to my auntie house and pray lo...
i thought we just burning joss sticks and go home,
manatau half way, he was possessed by this "angkong".
was quite a shocking scene since he started vomit a bit and close his eyes, then do "what he suppose to do".
he can give some sort of blessings to others.
hehe i got blessing from him too!
and he can also some sort of predict one's future and something like that.
so my mum asked him about my studies.
and he replied

" you're very hot tempered and when you want something, you will make sure you get it. don't go out so much and concentrate on your studies and you will do well."

then this statement struck me pretty bad because well when i want something, then i really will work my way to get it. somehow.
and anyway, whoever always stay at home study of course will do well.
but how he knows i go out pretty often?....
i don't take it that personally anyway because i feel that i will only know my own future after i have walked through my life.

p/s : "angkong" is Chinese's God.

alright thats what he said.

i have to study now.

Friday, December 10, 2010 | By: sannie


3 papers down!!!
ush baby ush!

left another 3 more papers to go...and i'm home babeh!
this time i'll be home not for 1 week, not for 1 month either.

guess what? i'll be home for the next coming 2 months!
ush i noe it sounds a bit ridiculous for such long break. but i dont give a damn because i am in desperate need for holidays.
i still cant really get use to this life yet. having exams every 3 weeks and having one final comprising of 6 subjects... god knows how many chapters.
it's just too much for me.
and university lecturer are not a fan at giving tips at all. why ha why?
maybe i'm brought up this way...

there's pros and cons during exam though. =)

i SAVED money! oh gosh... this is the only money where i didn't overdraw my money. phhheew!

okay theres no second i think. =.= life is hell during exams.

i cant wait to have outings with my friends back here! =)

SEE YA! <3
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | By: sannie


sometimes when i feel the world is so cruel
i'm contented to have my guitar and boyee by my side. =)

sometimes i just want to run away from all problems.

now besides boyee, i got bannie!
it will be one of my best companion. =)
Saturday, December 4, 2010 | By: sannie

life right now.

i don't think i'm the kind of student that cant live up to sitting for exams every month.

it's tough i would say.
exams is making me feel crazy.
whenever i look at the stacks of anatomy notes, physiology notes, physical optics calculations...i just want to burn 'em.
and i thought A-levels was hectic enough.
life seriously sucks at exam's seasons.

SALES is here!
oh my buddha! heheheh!
i cant wait to step into malls... urghh! had been restraining for so long.
somehow exam seasons rocks! because it's the only time that i can seriously save up some cash.
=D hooray to that!

and recently i bought a suppppeeerr FLUFFY pillow!
pictures will be up soon. =D

chaoz <3
Saturday, November 13, 2010 | By: sannie


i'm feeling like total crap for the past few days.
fever has been haunting me.
the feeling is horrible...
achy feeling all over...headache...painful eyes...just the worst feeling in the world.
the fever comes every night... so i put cool fever to sleep.
the next morning i feel whole lot better...but when it comes to night again...
fever will pay me a visit again.
benci. =(

and the other day i was telling a friend that,
i prefer to have sore throat, or anything else but not fever.
wallah!!! that night itself i got myself a sore throat.
what the hell is going on with the world?
i said it but i don't mean it !!! =( don't do this to me.
it's not exactly a sore throat...
i got myself an ulcer on the upper left side of my throat.
and it's damn painful!
especially when i sneeze in the morning or cough.

i feel super crappy every night.
Monday, November 1, 2010 | By: sannie


sometimes i hope that i can really travel back to the past.

maybe the past bring me more happiness. i think.
i tend to forget all the sad happenings in the past.
people do change.
shockingly to the extend i am so worried that i might not know that person anymore.

sometimes i think back about all the memories and it brings me a lot of joy. =)
it even carves a smile on my face.
not that i hate changes.
i just hate negative changes.
i hope you stays the same like when you were in primary school.
we will just play everyday and live a carefree life.
you will always bully me but i don't even mind.
i just love the past you.

life sometimes is not fair at all. trust me i know.
but how we adapt to the life is a huge challenge.
how we face the life is another challenge.
life itself is a challenge which we cant avoid.
some people might even give up facing life.
but i hope you will try to understand life and just live it.

i just cant wait to go home.